Collage mixed media on hardboard

Having this idea for a quite some time. Paper appliqué on a hardboard. 60×40 cm

After my exercise with liquid acrylic technique I have lots of paint leftovers. So I used it on a simple white paper and mixed it all into one collage. Will do more, quite fascinating experience and very meditating process.

Abstract painting by liquid acrylic technique

Tried some new technique working with acrylic paint, quite interesting experience, but quite difficult to estimate the results, especially without experience on flowing the paint. I still enjoyed it very much, it is a very  meditating process and the holistic art as its best.

Abstract art, acrylic on canvas 30×30 cm

Here are some parts in details






The finished work keeps drying for a day or so, the shapes and colours are continue to change and mixing during the drying process.