Creation process: Handmade bohemian earrings and necklace with filigree and stones

Today I will show the process of making this set of handcrafted bohemian earrings and necklace:

Every piece of our bohemian jewellery and made with love, passion and patience.  First step is the select beads, fittings and pendants. The idea was to create light jewellery, but with mix of colours, using natural stone beads and patina pendants.

Brass copper filigree pendants, patina copper pendants and beads of lapis lazuli, jasper and turquoise were chosen for this set of bohemian jewellery.

After the pieces were selected the long and painstaking work to build each piece of jewellery.

Piece by piece natural stone beads are assembled on a pendant following the pattern.

As a result – very light  handcrafted set of jewellery with with beautiful filigree and patina pendants and natural stone beads. Trully beautiful and stylish bohemian jewellery for a happy person.

This set was handmade for order

Available for order, stone beads combination can vary upon request, length of necklace is adjustable as well. Please visit  our etsy shop: or contact us for any means.



Recycled collage project “Blue and gray corners”

My another recycled collage project is completed, this time is was done in blue and gray colors, with some touch of light brown. Wall decor was needed to one of rental room that we manage in Thailand, and the job was to to combine deep blue color of the curtains with others in the room: white walls, dark brown bed, wood color of the flooring,  silver and white bed tables and gray bed cloth.  I had a black frame from some old wall decoration piece, so I decided just to go ahead with the main colors of black, white, gray and blue.

My sincere love for right angles and exact forms together gave me the charge for carving out shapes for the collage, and the  perfectionist’s look directed aspirations for combinations of cut shapes.








I had to work a little on the final choice, honestly it was not that easy







But finally the peace was founded and my recycled collage starts to get some shapes:




And here is the final look of my new wall decor piece, recycled paper collage “Blue and Gray corners”. Size is 73×73 cm, framed with solid black frame.

Blue and Gray corners

Summer collection of bohemian jewelry by #yoqopody

Happy to introduce our new summer collection of bohemian jewelry by #yoqopody available @ our etsy shop:

Summer collection of bohemian jewelry by Yoqopody
Summer collection of bohemian jewelry by Yoqopody


Summer collection of bohemian jewelry by Yoqopody
Summer collection of bohemian jewelry by Yoqopody

Handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets with natural gemstone and vintage beads are waiting for you!


Creation process: Collage, original wall art from recycled paper

Today I will show photos from the process of creation a collage, small original wall art made from recycled paper.

Recycled paper collage

The first idea was to re-use paper and carton boxes that appears in our studio every time after a grocery shopping by transforming them  into mixed media art project.

On the other side of a carton box it is quite good and solid surface, suitable for acrylic paint and latex glue.

Using carton size 20×30 cm as a canvas, painted big pieces were cut into small pieces of different geometric shapes and sizes.

Next step was to play with them, combining pieces by different ways, until we get a perfect collage and get tired of endless combinations.

Bonding process took another few hours, but the results were quite satisfying

Another type of collages follows quickly:


Framed with white frame collages look stunning and the idea that they were made from recycled paper and carton give it additional value.

Recycled paper collage


Oil painting, combination of 4 pieces

The idea of this small project was to paint 4 pieces with complex ornament, so all 4 pieces can be played in different ways.  Genuine simple shape of circle. Each picture is 30×30 cm, framed with solid black.


All four pieces together, total size is approx. 60×60


Mixed media collage 3 pieces

This collages I created almost the same time as my Robot thing.

3 pieces that can be placed together or separately one by one. Each piece is 36 x 36 cm, mixed media on cardboard with paper and acrylic colors. Covered with spray lacquer and framed with wood frame.


Mixed media collage The Robot

Finally can introduce my mixed media collage “The Robot”

Piece by piece, with cardboard, paper, rolls, used electronic stuff and many more The robot came to world. Took me few months to construct this piece.  The size is approx.  130×100 cm.

Mixed media on cardboard. 130×100 cm