Workshop by yoqopody studio collage art by recycled paper

Happy to announce that we will do a workshop for a collage art created with the recycled paper. The workshop will be held on 23rd of March 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand @ LoveArtPark Pattaya. 

Workshop “Recycled collage project” aimed to attract attention to the quantity of paper that we use every day and the ways how to reuse or recycle it.

Collage art

Used boxes, paper bags, A4 office paper etc we will transform on our workshop into the art and decoration item. We will paint, splash, cut, tear off, glue and do a lot of fun activities with the paper. This workshop will also help to see your creativity at work, as there will be not prepared tasks, just lots of materials and techniques to try and see.

Paper is very multi-faced material to work with, it can be soft, hard, smooth, rough and so on. With the help of water (which is the solvent for both paint and glue) it can be transformed into different shapes and forms.

All materials will be provided, none of the experience or knowledge is needed.


Limited 10 people on 23rd March 2019

Venue: at Love Art Park Pattaya

Link MAP:


children age 5-9 years old join the event for free

children age 10-13-year-old join event just pay entrance ticket 50 baht only ( Parent pay 50 baht for the entrance ticket please register with us in advance )

date of event: 23 March 2019 from 1-4 pm


Booking Ticket & More Information Call: 088 492 3205

LINE ID: jaew1210