Recycled collage project “Blue and gray corners”

My another recycled collage project is completed, this time is was done in blue and gray colors, with some touch of light brown. Wall decor was needed to one of rental room that we manage in Thailand, and the job was to to combine deep blue color of the curtains with others in the room: white walls, dark brown bed, wood color of the flooring,  silver and white bed tables and gray bed cloth.  I had a black frame from some old wall decoration piece, so I decided just to go ahead with the main colors of black, white, gray and blue.

My sincere love for right angles and exact forms together gave me the charge for carving out shapes for the collage, and the  perfectionist’s look directed aspirations for combinations of cut shapes.








I had to work a little on the final choice, honestly it was not that easy







But finally the peace was founded and my recycled collage starts to get some shapes:




And here is the final look of my new wall decor piece, recycled paper collage “Blue and Gray corners”. Size is 73×73 cm, framed with solid black frame.

Blue and Gray corners